iMESH Systems

The iVISION iMESH Systems measure full automatically complete wire sieves as well as wire cloths.

Further more perforated sheets up to a opening of 10 mm can be measured with the iMESH measuring machines

All important international standards are supported:

  • ISO 3310-1 / 3310-2
  • ISO 9044
  • NF XII 504 0/45
  • ASTM E11-95 (87) (45)

Measurements of complete sieves with protocol can be performed in 60 s.

The measurement accuracy for e.g. 20m openings is better than 0,5 m.To meet  ISO 9000 compliance the measurements can be traced to the national standard under the responsibility of PTB.



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iMESH 450 - for precision sieves up to 450 mm diameter

iMESH 550 - for sieves and perforated sheets up to 550 mm diameter